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When you sign up, you'll have immediate access to the Parent Dashboard

  • The entire "Getting Started" sequence that guides you through everything you get with a subscription to Dr. Robin's School
  • FAQs and Help
  • Links to Live Sessions (so you can start attending immediately!)
  • Answer Keys (okay so you won't need this right away, but you get it right away!)
  • Curated Video Library of science videos from other sources that extend the learning into the real world
  • Human Reproduction Unit (because that's not something we're putting in the Student Dashboard unless you specifically request it)
  • Lessons for Grown Ups

We've also included the first lesson of the curriculum so that you can jump right in!  We will contact you with the log in details for your student dashboard within 1-2 business days.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the step-by-step instructions for getting started!

11 Modules

Manage Your Subscription

Update your payment information, pause, or cancel your subscription.

Getting Started Checklist

Download the checklist so you can be sure you've found everything you get with a subscription to Dr. Robin's School!

Welcome to Dr. Robin's School!

A personal welcome from Dr. Robin that introduces you to the whole program!

Choose Your Personalized Learning Sequence

You don't have to decide which lessons to do or the best order for learning. Dr. Robin has created both semester and year-long learning plans for families learning once, twice, or multiple days a week.

Get the Dr. Robin's School Calendar

We release three calendars every year (fall, winter, and summer) so that you know the when and what of every live session, when special programs start (like our new summer badge program), and what book we're currently reading for Book Club.

Explore the Parent Dashboard

There's a lot here so we'll walk you through the Links to Live SessionsCurated Video Library, Answer Keys, Lessons for Grown Ups, and Human Reproduction Unit.

Explore the Student Dashboard

Get a sneak peak at what your students will be accessing including pre-recorded lessons, Ask Dr. Robin, Anatomy Coloring Book Club, Book Club, and Quizlet review.

Introductory Lesson for Students

We set up student accounts within 1-2 business days. If you purchase on a weekend or holiday, we've got this for you: the first lesson for your student that they can access right here.

Register for Live Classes

Your kids have information about the live sessions but they don't have access to the registration links. You'll find those here as well as other information you need.

Create Your Science Routine

Read what has worked for other families as you make a plan for yours.

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