Wondering what you get with Dr. Robin's School?

In the free sample you can get a taste of what we offer! Mom and daughter looking at computer 

  • Bones and Joints (recording of live Anatomy Coloring Book Club session)
  • How We Make Speech (recording of live Anatomy Coloring Book Club session)
  • Modeling: DIY Lung Model (from the human biology curriculum)
  • Dental Care (from the curriculum)
  • How We Grow (from the curriculum)
  • UV Damage (from the curriculum)
  • Vestibular System (from the curriculum)
  • Book Club sample

Here's what's included in the full program:

  • recorded and live lessons
  • worksheets
  • Quizlet review
  • career pages
  • book club (current and archive)
  • a curated video library
  • multiple opportunities to "Ask Dr. Robin"
  • and so much more!

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Happy Learning!

3 Modules

Sample from Anatomy Coloring Book Club

These are recordings of a past semester of the club (when students had their cameras and mics off).  Sessions are now fully interactive with cameras and mics on!

Modules for this option 3
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